Run.GPS Trainer UV Changelog

Run.GPS Trainer 3.2.11 (Android + iOS) - May 1 2019

  • Run.GPS Wear bug fixes

Run.GPS Trainer 3.2.10 (Android + iOS) - Apr 10 2019

  • Bug fixes

Run.GPS Trainer 3.2.8 (Android), 3.2.9 (iOS) - Mar 24 2019

  • Fix Wikipedia layer
  • SSL uploads

Run.GPS Trainer 3.2.7 for Android - Feb 11 2019

  • Remove SMS support due to Play Store terms changes
  • Bug fixes

Run.GPS Trainer 3.2.5 for Android - Jun 23 2018

  • Bug fixes

Run.GPS Trainer 3.2.4 for Android - Apr 25 2018

  • Fix Dropbox upload
  • Provide separate Android Wear 2.0 app
  • Improve Portuguese translation, thanks Nuno
  • Include weight in manual training uploads (only if >> My Run.GPS >> Settings >> Weight settings >> Use weight from Run.GPS is enabled)
  • Android Wear 2.0: Fix importing heart rate from external sensors
  • Fix OpenCycleMap key
  • Fix barometric altitude display when GPS is not yet connected
  • training simulator: give access to hidden map controls

Run.GPS Trainer 3.2.3 for Android - Apr 14 2017

  • Added OpenSeaMap layer
  • Keep Facebook library from initializing if not used
  • TCX export: improved compatibility with sports software
  • When using a bike speed sensor: negative distances bug fixed

Run.GPS Trainer 3.2.2 for Android - Mar 13 2017

  • Update Android Wear support
  • Update Facebook support
  • Fix photo uploading
  • Fix indoor pedometer mode: distance has not been recorded correctly

Run.GPS Trainer 3.2.1 build 4488 for Android - Jan 13 2017

  • Provide spoken “Back on route” message when user returns to the navigation route
  • 2 new sports: Stand up paddling, eBike
  • Bug fixed: Android Wear: Phone app quits when smartwatch app is closed
  • Bug fixed: Do not use distance from GPS when an external speed&cadence sensor is active and user chose to use distance from this source

Run.GPS Trainer 3.2.0 build 4466 for Android - Dec 09 2016

  • Maps: Fix black tiles on some devices
  • Update map layers
  • Access Bluetooth Low Energy heart rate monitors directly from Android Wear device (on smartwatch: Settings >> Connect sensors)
  • Fix Android Wear support and upgrade to latest Android Wear libraries
  • Remotely shutdown phone app from wear (on smartwatch: Settings >> Quit application)
  • add ability to assign routes (training page >> edit training profile)
  • Sync trainings up to three years back upon first sync
  • Provide battery level information also for “Running Speed&Cadence” sensors
  • TCX export and SmashRun upload: submit cadence only for one foot (divided by 2)
  • Update to latest version of ANT+ library

Run.GPS Trainer 3.0.0 for Windows Phone 8.1 / 10 - Jun 3rd 2016

  • New design
  • Support for Bluetooth Low Energy sensors (HR and cadence)
  • Bug fixes

Run.GPS Trainer 3.1.8 build 4345 for Android - Mar 31st 2016

  • Add support for "Running Speed & Cadence" Bluetooth Low Energy sensors

Run.GPS Trainer 3.1.8 build 4345 for Android - Dec 28th 2015

  • Bug fix: Set backlight mode correctly on startup
  • Bug fix: Correctly set body weight in training when the body weight is changed during a training (Configuration >> User); also upload the changed weight to
  • Bug fix: Run.GPS Wear crashes when opening sports or mode selection dialogs
  • Bug fix: Google Fit upload not working because minimum speed value is not set

Run.GPS Trainer 3.1.8 for Android - Dec 23nd 2015

  • New indoor mode (click on GPS signal strength button in control bar to switch mode)
  • Run.GPS Wear:
- New GPS based outdoor standalone mode (for watches with built-in GPS)
- New acceleration sensor based standalone pedometer mode
- New indoor swim lane recognition mode (requires watch with a well functioning compass - unfortunately not present in Sony Smartwatch 3 SWR50)
  • Transmit pause detection times to - this ensures that the same pause times are detected on the server
  • Setup stride length in Configuration >> User (for pedometer)
  • Setup swim lane length in Configuration >> Android Wear (for Run.GPS Wear swim lane detection)
  • Bug fixes

Run.GPS Trainer 3.1.7 for Android - Nov 5th 2015

  • Keep heart rate sensor running when Run.GPS Wear app (on smartwatch) is running in background (Hint: double-tap smartwatch button to lock smartwatch, then press the button once to wake it up)
  • Bug fixed: Run.GPS crashes on phone when started from Android Wear app on smartwatch

Run.GPS Trainer 3.1.6 for Android - Nov 2nd 2015

  • Add actions Start/Stop and Split to Run.GPS service notification
  • Option to hide status bar (Configuration >> General Settings)
  • Make Android Wear notification updates optional (saves battery power by avoiding too many updates over Bluetooth connection)
  • Cadence: display as integer value

Run.GPS Trainer 3.1.5 for Android - Oct 29th 2015

  • Added Bluetooth Low Energy support for devices that require direct connections
  • Added Jabra Sport Pulse support (earphones with optical heart rate monitor)
  • Bug fixes

Run.GPS Trainer 3.0.3 for iOS - Oct 28th 2015

  • Skins: Switch between old and new design (Configuration >> General Settings)
  • Search for routes from any position on the map
  • Improved navigation for crossways with narrow angles (Y type crossroads)
  • Extended route dialog displaying distance, altitude gained, …
  • Fixed online access: Find routes on
  • Bug fixes

Run.GPS Trainer 3.1.4 build 3382 for Android - Oct 23rd 2015

  • Improved navigation for crossways with narrow angles (Y type crossroads)
  • Extended route dialog displaying distance, altitude gained, …
  • Fixed online access: Find routes on
  • Bug fixes

Run.GPS Trainer 3.0.2 build 3382 for iOS - Oct 21st 2015

  • Pinch zoom for maps
  • Enable altitude profiles for online navigation
  • Lap data are now shown on - fixed
  • Fix bug in delayed training start dialog: Training is not started when the device is brought to standby mode while the countdown is shown
  • Don’t show cursor position dialog when map is moved (false double-click)

Run.GPS Trainer 3.1.3 build 4210 for Android - Oct 19th 2015

  • Crossroads based turn-by-turn navigation (if online routing is used or route is created with RoutePlanner; NOT for imported GPX or KML files)
  • Add pinch zoom for maps
  • Additional option to keep display light at full brightness
  • Find routes at a selected position on map
  • Show altitude profiles for routes calculated from app (load altitude data from server)
  • Dropbox: TCX Notes field and filename
  • Fix ANT+ Speed monitor compability
  • Don’t show cursor position dialog when map is moved (false double-click)

Run.GPS Trainer 3.0.1 build 3322 for iOS - October 16th 2015

  • iOS 8 backward compatibility
  • Fix size of direction arrows on "Navigator" screen
  • Add changelog to main menu

Run.GPS Trainer 3.0.0 build 3315 for iOS - October 8th 2015

  • Map rotation in direction of movement (press compass symbol on map to turn this on)
  • Delayed training start
  • New user interface
  • Fix problems with background location tracking
  • Store activity timezone

Run.GPS Trainer 3.1.1 build 4148 for Android - September 18th 2015

  • Direct Facebook sharing (Online-Services >> Share >> Facebook, Facebook app should be installed)
  • SMS Live Tracking (Online-Services >> Live-Tracking >> SMS, this is mainly a security feature)
  • Other new sharing functions: Share training as text, share position
  • Complete reengineering of ANT+ module (now with real pairing)
  • Turn Bluetooth off if it has been started with Run.GPS auto-connect option
  • BLE Speed&Cadence monitors: set values to zero when no data is coming in from the sensors
  • Access updates and changelog from app (Main Menu >> Changelog)
  • Fix upload timeouts on slow connections

Run.GPS Trainer 3.1.0 build 4122 for Android - August 4th 2015

  • Fix crash on devices that have no Bluetooth Low Energy hardware
  • Fix ANT+ support
  • Minor bug fixes

Run.GPS Trainer 3.1.0 for Android - July 31st 2015

  • Completely new Bluetooth Low Energy sensor managment
  • Auto-sync ability for, Google Fit, Dropbox and (uploads automatically when you press the Stop button, see Configuration >> User)
  • Sync with Google Fit
  • Directly export TCX files (PRO version of Run.GPS)
  • Upload training tcx files to Dropbox (for syncing with Tapiriik and other services)
  • Support multiple sensors of one type (e.g. when using separate speed / cadence sensors)
  • Turn on Bluetooth only when it’s needed and turn it off when app closes
  • Do not scan for media files in folders marked with .nomedia tag
  • Android Wear: Optimize font sizes
  • Android Wear: Added 2 new screens: “Calories” and “Current lap”
  • Update “Add manual training” dialog with a more convenient method for entering start date and time
  • Store and sync temperature (if sensor is available)
  • Battery info display: show when charging cable is connected
  • Smashrun-Sync: use TCX instead of GPX (contains additional information)
  • Store training timezone and also sync it to
  • Fix colors, icons and maps in training reports
  • Fix trim function: sometimes set timestamps wrong

Run.GPS Trainer 3.0.4 for Android - April 09th 2015

  • Added Android Wear app with fully configurable screens
  • Acquire heart rate from compatible Android Wear devices
  • Improved Bluetooth Low Energy support for Speed&Cadence sensors
  • Sort categories in info display selection dialog
  • Bug fixes

Run.GPS Trainer 3.0.3 for Android - March 12th 2015

  • Select Android Wear info panel in Configuration >> Android Wear
  • Bug fixes and extended bug logging

Run.GPS Trainer 3.0.2 for Android - February 19th 2015

  • Map panel: enable double-click for track positions and pauses
  • Various bug fixes

Run.GPS Trainer 3.0.1 for Android - February 12th 2015

  • Export heart rate in GPX files (direct export from Run.GPS)
  • Add heart rate data to Smashrun upload
  • Delayed training start: add ability to lock app during delayed start
  • Add new error/log handler
  • Fix bug: Pause detection time not saved
  • Fix bug: Spoken countdown for delayed training start may be in wrong order on slow devices
  • Fix bug: Barometric altitude is not affected by manual altitude correction (Thanks Ulrich S.)
  • Fix bug: Delayed training start dialog: Voice output is partially wrong language (not voice language) (Thanks Alf)

Run.GPS Trainer 3.0.0 for Android - January 30th 2015

  • New design
  • Delayed training start (optional)
  • Support for skins
  • Skin installation through download cart
  • Rotate maps in the direction of movement
  • Training trim tool (Main Menu >> Training Log >> Select Training >> Trim)
  • Move Run.GPS data folder to app folder (on external sd card, if possible)
  • Android Wear support through notifications
  • Support for internal barometer for altitude calculation (if present)
  • Oximeter support
  • Upload training activities to
  • GPX export: make time UTC
  • Improved configuration wizard registration process
  • HikeBikeMap: set correct tile URL
  • Make Run.GPS Trainer Lite version more usable (more functions)

Run.GPS Trainer UV 2.8.9 for iOS - August 26th 2014

  • Better performance and smaller memory footprint
  • Avoid placemark announcements spoken multiple times
  • Bug fixes

Run.GPS Trainer UV 2.8.4 for iOS - June 5th 2014

  • Add new screens and new screen management
  • Add heart rate zones (edit, view diagram)
  • Additional options in voice output: announce placemarks, Wikipedia articles and heart rate zone
  • Use Apple TTS instead of own TTS
  • Support for pairing Bluetooth Low Energy devices
  • Support for Bluetooth Low Energy Speed & Cadence sensors
  • Auto-reconnect Bluetooth Low Energy devices (e.g. after a pause)
  • Bug fixed: Track does not get recorded again after a long pause without GPS reception

Run.GPS Trainer UV 2.8.4b Build 3327 for Android - May 19th 2014

  • Text-to-speech: Revoke speech rate acceleration due to too high speech rates on some devices (speech rate can be set individually through Android settings >> Language and input >> Text-to-speech >> Speech rate)
  • Buttons on screen selection panel have been too insensitive (requiring 2 or more presses) on high-resolution devices - fixed
  • Track start and end point and some other icons are displayed too big on high-resolution devices - fixed

Run.GPS Trainer UV 2.8.4 Build 3327 for Android - May 15th 2014

  • Text-to-speech: Set relative volume instead of absolute volume for Android 4.0 and later
  • Text-to-speech: If music is muted during speech, avoid pauses between the announcements in which music is shortly played

Run.GPS Trainer UV 2.8.3 Build 3298 for Android - April 23th 2014

  • Find Android 4.4 storage volumes
  • Improved stability for Bluetooth Low Energy combined heart rate + bike cadence connections

Run.GPS Trainer UV 2.8.3 for Android - April 9th 2014

  • New screen management: edit, add, move and delete screens
  • Make all program languages available for voice output messages (text-to-speech)
  • Use alternative connection method for Zephyr HxM BT for Android versions lower than 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • New default screens: Intervals, Sensors, Diagrams, Heart rate zones
  • New info displays: Heart rate monitor status, Speed&Cadence sensor status

Run.GPS Trainer UV 2.8.2 for Android - March 16th 2014

- Support for Bluetooth Low Energy (4.0) Speed&Cadence sensors (requires Android 4.3 and Bluetooth 4.0 hardware)
- Support for heart rate zones (Karvonen formula), configuration dialog
- Voice output of heart rate zone
- Heart rate zones diagram, %HRMax display, different heart rate zone displays
- Auto-reconnect if Bluetooth Low Energy connection is lost
- Option to start a new lap each time the training interval changes
- New battery level display for Bluetooth Low Energy cadence sensors

Run.GPS Trainer UV 2.8.0 for Blackberry - January 8th 2014

- Added support for Bluetooth 2.0 heart rate sensors for Blackberry release (e.g. Polar Bluetooth WearLink+, Zephyr HxM)

Run.GPS Trainer UV 2.8.0 for Android - October 16th 2013

- Added support for Bluetooth Low Energy heart rate sensors (only for Android 4.3 devices with Bluetooth 4.0 hardware, e.g. Nexus 7)

Run.GPS Trainer UV 2.7.9 for Android - October 8th 2013

- Smaller memory footprint for picture uploads (thanks koszu)
- Avoid ANT+ install dialog popping up on app start
- Fix route overlapping other displays for certain screen configurations (thanks boedecker)

Run.GPS Trainer UV 2.8.0 for iOS - October 7th 2013

- Keep Bluetooth Low Energy connection from getting disconnected in standby mode

Run.GPS Trainer UV 2.7.9 for iOS - September 24th 2013

- iOS 7 adaptations: avoid app crashes when entering text, repair Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitor connection

Run.GPS Trainer UV 2.7.8 - September 2013

Changes and new features for all operating systems

- Support for multi-layer maps (e.g.
- Added several new online map layers
- New map management tool allowing to delete offline maps or online maps cache
- Direct download of Run.GPS Atlas (.ratlas) files from download cart
- Facebook live training notification location bug fix (location was not displayed correctly)
- Several bug fixes

Android Release: Sept 11th 2013

- Fix ANT+ support (incompatibility with latest release of “ANT+ radio service”)

Blackberry Release: Sept 12th 2013

- Correctly terminate app
- Remove heart rate monitor settings (Bluetooth is not supported in Blackberry Android runtime, see
- Add support for Blackberry Playbook (OS 2.x)
- Fix bug: pictures taken with built-in camera are not uploaded

Windows Phone 8 Release: Sept 20th 2013

- Add new languages Polish and Russian

iOS Release: Sept 17th 2013

- Several bug fixes

Run.GPS Trainer UV 2.4.3e (Android) - July 22nd 2013

- Fixed problems with multiple service instances of Run.GPS

Run.GPS Trainer UV 2.4.3f (Android & Blackberry) - July 24th 2013

- Avoid out of memory errors when uploading training recordings that include large photos

Run.GPS Trainer UV 2.4.3d (Android) - July 16th 2013

- Bug fixed in GPX import
- Bug fixed in hr-data.dat file export (containing R-R intervals)

Run.GPS Trainer UV 2.4.3b (Android) - July 9th 2013

- Search for photos and videos on all available storage volumes when a training is uploaded (if this option is checked)
- Minor bug fixes

Run.GPS Trainer UV 2.4.3 (Windows Phone 8) - July 8th 2013

- Support Run.GPS Atlas files (.ratlas) for storing large maps in multiple zoom levels (see Downloads >> Manual for more)

Run.GPS Trainer UV 2.4.3 (Android) - June 27nd 2013

- Support for multiple storage volumens in devices such as Samsung Galaxy Note, Galaxy SIII (see Downloads >> Manual chapter 7.4.2)

Run.GPS Trainer UV 2.4.3 (iOS) - January 22nd 2013

- Adaptations for iPhone 5
- Bug fixes

Run.GPS Trainer UV 2.4.2 (iOS) - October 5th 2012

- Adaptation for iOS 6
- Support for heart rate monitors based on Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Smart / Low Energy) - tested compatible devices: Polar H7, Wahoo BlueHR; this works only on iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, not on iPhone 3 or iPhone 4
- Continue to play voice output if device is locked
- Added Polish language
- New algorithms for speed and distance - improved accuracy
- Navigate to a Wikipedia article location
- Bugfix: In high zoom levels, maps show gaps between the map tiles
- Bugfix: Diagrams appeared as lines instead of filled polygons
- Bugfix: Empty text in startup assistant
- Bugfix: Wrong language selected in startup assistant
- Bugfix: Online Services >> Find routes >> Select Route for download produced error message (no access to filepath)

Run.GPS Trainer UV 2.4.2 (Android) - September 13th 2012

- Added Polish language
- Made it optional to mute music during voice output (Main Menu >> Voice Output >> Mute music during voice output)
- Added new video converter that also supports modern .mp4 video formats when uploading to
- Fixed Android 2.0 - 2.1 bug: app crashes upon start
- Bug fixed: app crashes when distance for lap detection is edited when the Cancel button is pressed

Run.GPS Trainer UV 2.4.1 (Android) - August 1st 2012

- Mute music during voice announcements (works for Android 2.2 or greater)
- Resize photos before uploading (decrease resolution) to save upload volume and make uploading faster

Run.GPS Trainer UV 2.4.0 (Android) - July 3rd 2012

- Support for ANT+ (heart rate monitor and bike cadence)
- G-Sensor based cadence sensor (other available cadence sensors: ANT+ based bike cadence, Zephyr HxM)
- Screen lock possible through symbol in control bar
- Menu button on status bar (in Android 4, the hardware menu button has been removed)
- When uploading to portal, show correct release name, not “TRIAL”
- Android 4.0: remove system menu button
- In training reports, show images in correct size
- Bugfix: HtmlViewer bug - reports were not shown in Android 4
- Bugfix: When selecting time range for reports, month was wrong
- Bugfix: time based displays were not shown (empty) in Android 4

Change log for older versions:

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