Daily Calorie Balance

Easily Control Your Daily Calorie Balance - a Reliable Tool to Lose Weight

"Daily Calorie Balance" is an app that helps you to lose weight. Charges your calories-in (food, drinks) against your calories-out (base consumption, activities).
Do not acquire more calories-in than calories-out at any time of day, e.g. never have the calorie balance (see screenshots) tilt to the left-hand side.
Only through controlled eating and sportive activities you can gain a lasting stability of weight on a lower level.

Program features:
  • Database of calories for over 350 foods and drinks
  • Comfortable search for foods
  • Calculation of burned calories for sportive activities
  • Recording of burned calories through built-in g-sensor
  • Import recorded trainings / activities from "Run.GPS Trainer" app
  • Optionally upload your calories to portal website and get extended reports
  • Keep a life-long history of calories-in and calories-out
  • Quick access to frequently consumed foods
  • Calculate base consumption

Daily Calorie Balance on Google Play


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