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Run.GPS Trainer UV is the perfect tool to take along doing all sorts of sports like running, skiing, hiking, and many more. Run.GPS Trainer UV is compatible with most Smartphones (requires Apple iPhone, Windows Phone 7/8, Windows Mobile 5/6 or Google Android).
  • high-precision algorithm for recording training tracks, distances and speeds
  • fully configurable displays (choose from more than 50 training parameters)
  • pause detection: shows all pauses on the map screen and computes average speeds based on net time
  • manual registration of non-GPS trainings such as swimming
  • hardware key control of all functions - touch screen not required
  • easy to use big buttons for Start, Stop and Split
  • incremental backup during a training (never lose your data even if your battery collapses)
  • enter a title, description and sport
  • relatively exact calories calculation based upon the sport you're doing, your personal parameters and the training parameters
  • upload all training recordings with one click to or
  • any training can be continued at any time (even days later)

Heart Rate Monitors and Sensors

  • connect Run.GPS (Android version) to ANT+™ compatible heart rate monitors and bike cadence sensors (requires an ANT+ compatible phone, - for a complete listing of ANT+ Certified Products and their specific interoperability, visit the ANT+ Product Directory, for more information check out the Run.GPS Manual)
  • connect Run.GPS to Zephyr HxM, Polar WearLink+ Bluetooth and FRWD B100/B600 (only Windows Mobile and Google Android versions)

  • Instant Trail Mapping: records all the tracks you ever record and automatically creates a map from this
  • import maps from Google Earth, Map Calibrator and the website without calibration
  • directly download multi-zoom-level maps from OpenStreetMap (this feature might not be available in the future - depending on OpenStreetMaps technical infrastructure and licensing policy)
  • download OpenStreetMap maps at home and use them offline en route
  • import maps from any other source with manual calibration
  • display multiple maps and combine them (the only limit is your main memory)

  • first mobile application ever to provide reliable navigation services for runners and other athletes
  • fault-tolerant navigation for outdoor use: even taking shortcuts or leaving the track will not disturb your navigation - Run.GPS is always able to lead you back to your route
  • use the navigator to have yourself safely navigated through unknown terrain
  • tells you where to turn right or left - just like with car navigation
  • allows you to import routes from, Google Earth Plus,, Trackmaker and many other sources
  • the navigator now also computes the estimated remaining time, estimated total time and estimated arrival time

Voice Output
  • all relevant training and navigation information is spoken
  • listen to music and at the same time receive spoken training information through the headphones
  • you can switch on or off the entire voice output or individual items
  • set the speaker volume directly from within Run.GPS
  • spoken training information: speed, average speed, pace, average pace, covered distance, altitude, training time, calories, virtual lead
  • spoken navigation information: navigation directions, remaining distance, estimated remaining time, estimated total duration, estimated arrival time
  • other spoken information: time of day, battery status, GPS status

Training Analysis
  • log book of all previously recorded trainings
  • computes all relevant training parameters such as speeds, distance, time, ascent, descent, calories, ...
  • diagrams for speed and altitude - can be set to follow and auto-scale
  • full analysis for each lap independently
  • automatic lap detection

Geo-coding Images
  • shoot photos with a built-in or external camera and have them automatically assigned to the correct geographical position
  • geo-coded photos can be viewed in a map on the website or in a training report (the latter requires Run.GPS Trainer UV Pro)

Virtual Training Partner
  • compete against your own former trainings recordings or against other athletes
  • tells you the time you're ahead or behind

  • manage an unlimited number of placemarks
  • directly create placemarks at the cursor position
  • import waypoints from Google Earth

Live Tracking
  • send your position at an configurable interval to the website (requires an online Internet connection via GPRS, UMTS or WiFi)
  • enables your trainer or friends to follow your progress
  • it is also possible to track multiple athletes in Google Earth (for instance in a competition)

  • graphical display of satellites in view
  • compatible with all NMEA based GPS devices and devices that support Windows Intermediate Driver
  • GPS connection parameters detection
  • automatic or manual altitude correction

General and Settings
  • Smartphone and PocketPC support
  • completely new graphical user interface
  • support for all resolutions and screen orientations (176x240, 240x320, 320x240, 240x240, 480x640, 640x480, 480x480)
  • switch dynamically from portrait to landscape mode
  • now runs in fullscreen mode
  • metric and imperial units (meters, miles, feet, km/h, mph)

Take a look into the manual or download the free 14-days-trial
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